Tips for Maximizing Value and Avoiding Mistakes with Cruise Drink Packages

Hey there! If you’re planning on going on a cruise and considering purchasing a drink package, you definitely want to make sure you get the most value out of it and avoid any common mistakes. In this informative video by Life Well Cruised, Ilana shares some fantastic tips and tricks for maximizing the value of your cruise drink package. From avoiding price increases by purchasing the package before your cruise, to requesting top shelf liquor brands, to taking advantage of non-alcoholic beverages like specialty coffees and teas, Ilana covers all the essential tips you’ll need to have a great time while saving money on your cruise. Whether you’re a first-time cruiser or a seasoned veteran, this video has got you covered. So sit back, relax, and get ready to make the most of your cruise drink package!

Tips for Maximizing Value and Avoiding Mistakes with Cruise Drink Packages

Purchase the Drink Package Before the Cruise

One of the best ways to maximize the value of a cruise drink package is to purchase it before your cruise. Most cruise lines offer some form of pre-cruise discount or promotion, which can save you money in the long run. By purchasing the drink package early, you can also avoid potential price increases that may occur closer to your departure date. Additionally, buying the package in advance allows you to plan and budget for your trip more effectively.

Request Top Shelf Liquor Brands

If you enjoy indulging in premium spirits, it is important to request top shelf liquor brands when utilizing your cruise drink package. While most drink packages include a selection of standard liquors, such as house brands, upgrading to top shelf brands can elevate your drinking experience. These premium brands may not always be readily available at all bars on the ship, so be sure to inquire and request them specifically. This way, you can enjoy your favorite high-quality spirits to truly make the most of your cruise drink package.

Tips for Maximizing Value and Avoiding Mistakes with Cruise Drink Packages

Take Advantage of Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Cruise drink packages not only cover alcoholic drinks but also non-alcoholic beverages. Whether you are a non-drinker or simply want to stay hydrated in between cocktails, it is essential to take advantage of the wide variety of non-alcoholic options available. From refreshing mocktails to specialty coffees and teas, cruise ships are known for their extensive beverage menus. By exploring these non-alcoholic alternatives, you can get more value out of your drink package and avoid feeling obligated to order alcoholic beverages constantly.

Bring Water Bottles Back to the Cabin

Staying hydrated is crucial during a cruise vacation, especially in warm climates. While cruises generally provide water at meals and throughout the ship, it can be helpful to bring refillable water bottles to keep in your cabin. By refilling these bottles at various water stations or bars, you can save money and make the most of your drink package. It also ensures that you always have access to water, even when you are not near a dining venue or lounge.

Tips for Maximizing Value and Avoiding Mistakes with Cruise Drink Packages

Consider the Itinerary

When purchasing a cruise drink package, it is important to consider the itinerary of your cruise. Different itineraries and destinations may impact the value and usage of your package. For example, if you are sailing to ports of call with vibrant local drinking scenes or planning on exploring the local bars and restaurants, you may not need to rely heavily on your drink package. On the other hand, if you are spending most of your time onboard the ship or visiting private islands, having a drink package can be highly beneficial.

Understand the Perks Package

Cruise lines often offer perks packages that include additional benefits along with the drink package. These perks may vary, but common examples include specialty dining credits, internet packages, or onboard credit. To maximize the value of your drink package, it is essential to understand and take advantage of any perks that are part of your package. For example, if your package includes a specialty dining credit, consider using it at one of the ship’s upscale restaurants to enhance your overall cruise experience.

Tips for Maximizing Value and Avoiding Mistakes with Cruise Drink Packages

Know How Tipping Works

Tipping is an important aspect of cruising, and it is essential to understand how it works when using a drink package. While gratuities are usually included in the package price, it is customary to tip bartenders and servers who provide exceptional service. Familiarize yourself with the cruise line’s tipping policies and guidelines to ensure that you are treating the staff appropriately. By acknowledging exceptional service with a generous tip, you not only show your appreciation but also establish a positive rapport with the onboard staff.

Check Drink Package Policies on Private Islands

If your cruise itinerary includes a stop at a private island, it is crucial to check the drink package policies specific to that destination. Some cruise lines may not include drinks on the private island as part of their drink packages, while others may have certain restrictions or limitations. By familiarizing yourself with these policies in advance, you can plan accordingly and avoid any surprises or disappointment during your time ashore.

Tips for Maximizing Value and Avoiding Mistakes with Cruise Drink Packages

Order Off the Menu

While cruise ship bars offer extensive drink menus, don’t be afraid to order off the menu and get creative with your drink choices. Talented bartenders often enjoy the opportunity to showcase their skills and create unique concoctions tailored to your preferences. By requesting off-menu drinks, you can experience personalized and innovative beverages that aren’t available to everyone else. This can add an extra level of enjoyment to your cruise drink package and make your vacation even more memorable.

Make Special Arrangements for Non-Drinkers

If you or someone in your traveling party does not consume alcohol, it is important to make special arrangements with the cruise line to ensure their enjoyment as well. Many cruise lines offer non-alcoholic beverage packages or allow guests to customize their drink package to exclude alcoholic options. By discussing these options with the cruise line in advance, you can ensure that everyone in your group has a package and beverage selection that suits their preferences.

Tips for Maximizing Value and Avoiding Mistakes with Cruise Drink Packages

Know the Drink Limits and Price Thresholds

Each cruise line has its own policies regarding drink limits and price thresholds for their drink packages. These rules determine the number of beverages you can order within a specific time period and the maximum price per drink covered by the package. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with these limits and thresholds to avoid any unexpected charges or disappointments. By understanding the rules, you can plan your consumption accordingly and get the most value out of your drink package without any surprises.

Consider Upgrading to a Premium Package

If you are a connoisseur of fine wines and spirits or prefer a higher grade of beverages, it may be worth considering upgrading to a premium drink package. While the standard drink packages include a wide range of options, the premium packages often offer an even broader selection, including rare and top-tier brands. By upgrading, you can indulge in your preferred libations and maximize the value of your cruise drink package.

Explore the Entire Cruise Ship for Available Drinks

Cruise ships are designed with multiple bars and lounges scattered throughout the vessel. To make the most of your drink package, take the time to explore the entire ship and locate all the locations where you can use your package. Some bars or lounges may be less crowded than others, allowing for quicker service and a more intimate atmosphere. By discovering these hidden gems, you can utilize your drink package efficiently and enjoy your favorite beverages without the crowds.

Treat Yourself to Favorite Beverages

One of the joys of a cruise vacation is indulging in your favorite beverages without worrying about the price. To maximize the value of your drink package, don’t hesitate to treat yourself to drinks that you wouldn’t normally splurge on. Whether it’s a glass of champagne, a craft cocktail, or a specialty coffee, take the opportunity to enjoy those favorite indulgences without hesitation. After all, it’s your vacation, and making the most of your drink package means savoring the drinks that bring you joy.

Encourage Viewers to Share Their Tips

Maximizing the value of a cruise drink package often requires insider knowledge and personal experiences. Encourage others who have previously used drink packages to share their tips and recommendations. Whether it’s favorite bars, must-try beverages, or strategies to get the most out of the package, the input from fellow cruisers can be invaluable. By engaging with others and sharing tips, you can enhance your own cruise experience and ensure that future cruisers can also make the most of their drink packages.

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