Cruise Ship Casino Secrets Revealed

If you love cruising and enjoy a bit of gambling, then you’re in for a treat. In this article, we’ll uncover some exciting secrets about cruise ship casinos that you may not know. From the minimum gambling age to unique games and special perks, there’s a lot to discover. Did you know that the gambling age on most cruise ships is 18, allowing younger passengers to enjoy the thrill? And if you’re lucky, you might even score some cheap souvenirs from the casino, like used cards or dice. Plus, you can earn rewards based on your gambling activity, including free play, drinks, Wi-Fi packages, onboard credit, and even free cruises. So, the next time you set sail, be sure to check out the casino for a fun and potentially rewarding experience!

In a recent video from Cruzely.com, they dive into these fascinating cruise ship casino secrets. Whether it’s the unique games like coin pushers and key games, the absence of printed tickets for cashing out on certain cruise lines, or the limited hours for table games, there’s always something interesting to learn. And if you’re into sports betting, some cruise lines even offer options to bet on major competitions from your phone. So, get ready to set sail and have some fun at the casino while uncovering these intriguing secrets along the way!

Gambling Age and Unique Games

Minimum age for gambling on cruise ships

When it comes to enjoying the thrilling casino experience onboard a cruise ship, it is important to be aware of the minimum gambling age. The minimum age requirement varies from cruise line to cruise line, but generally, the minimum age to participate in gambling activities is 18 years old. However, some cruise lines, such as Princess Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line, require passengers to be at least 21 years old to gamble.

Unique games offered in cruise ship casinos

One of the exciting aspects of gambling on a cruise ship is the availability of unique games that you might not find in traditional land-based casinos. Cruise ship casinos often offer a wide range of games to cater to all types of players. From classic table games like blackjack, roulette, and poker to slot machines, bingo, and even video poker, there is something for everyone.

In addition to these traditional casino games, some cruise lines also provide unconventional and distinctive options. For instance, Royal Caribbean offers an innovative game called “Cruise Cash” where players can win onboard credits that can be used to enhance their cruise experience. Furthermore, some cruise lines organize themed nights, such as pirate-themed blackjack tournaments or slot machine contests, adding a fun twist to your gambling adventure.

Cruise Ship Casino Secrets Revealed

Souvenir Options and Ticketing System

Availability of cheap souvenirs

When you embark on a cruise, you’ll likely come across a plethora of unique souvenirs on offer. From t-shirts and mugs to keychains and magnets, there are countless options to commemorate your cruise experience. One of the advantages of purchasing souvenirs on a cruise ship is the availability of relatively cheap options.

Cruise ship gift shops often offer a wide variety of budget-friendly souvenirs that allow you to remember your trip without breaking the bank. Whether you prefer a small token or a larger keepsake, you can find a range of options to suit your budget and preferences.

Alternative ticketing system in Carnival cruise ships

When it comes to ticketing systems on cruise ships, one notable alternative can be found on Carnival cruise ships. Carnival utilizes a cashless system known as “Sail & Sign.” This convenient system allows passengers to use their cruise card, similar to a credit card, to purchase goods and services onboard.

With the Sail & Sign system, you won’t need to carry cash or credit cards around the ship. Instead, you can simply charge your purchases to your onboard account, which can be settled at the end of your cruise. This ticketing system offers convenience and ease, making it an efficient way to manage your expenses during your cruise vacation.

Cruise Ship Casino Secrets Revealed

Perks and Rewards

Perks and rewards based on gambling activity

Gambling onboard a cruise ship can come with its own set of perks and rewards. Cruise ship casinos often have loyalty programs that reward players based on their gambling activity. These programs vary between cruise lines, but they usually involve earning points for each dollar spent at the casino.

The more you play, the higher your tier status will become. Higher-tiered players can enjoy exclusive benefits such as complimentary drinks, priority access to shows and restaurants, discounted or free shore excursions, and even invitations to special events.

Examples of perks and rewards available

Let’s take a closer look at some of the perks and rewards you can expect when gambling onboard a cruise ship. For instance, Norwegian Cruise Line offers its Casinos at Sea program, which includes benefits like complimentary drinks in the casino, discounted casino cruise rates for future sailings, and even the opportunity to win a free cruise through casino tournaments.

Royal Caribbean’s Club Royale program offers similar perks, including access to exclusive events, priority check-in and disembarkation, and even complimentary cruises for top-tier players. These rewards systems add an extra layer of excitement to your gambling experience, making it even more enticing to try your luck at the casino.

Cruise Ship Casino Secrets Revealed

ATMs and Onboard Account

ATM availability and associated fees

On a cruise ship, access to cash can sometimes be limited, and it’s essential to plan ahead. Most cruise ships have ATMs onboard, offering passengers the convenience of withdrawing cash while at sea. However, it’s important to note that using an ATM on a cruise ship often incurs additional fees and charges.

These fees can vary depending on the cruise line and the specific ATM provider. Therefore, it is recommended that you check with your cruise line regarding their ATM fees before relying solely on this option for obtaining cash during your cruise.

Charging funds through room key card

Alternatively, many cruise ships offer a convenient way to charge funds directly to your onboard account through your room key card. This payment method allows you to make purchases and settle expenses onboard without the need for cash or credit cards.

By linking your credit card to your room key card, you can easily charge expenses such as drinks, spa treatments, and even your gambling activities to your account. This streamlined payment system eliminates the need for carrying cash and provides a hassle-free experience throughout your cruise vacation.

Cruise Ship Casino Secrets Revealed

Operating Hours and Table Games

Operating hours of cruise ship casinos

Cruise ship casinos typically have operating hours that cater to the various preferences of passengers. While each cruise line may have slight variations, the majority of cruise ship casinos are open during sea days and, in some cases, stay open late into the night.

You can expect the casino to open early in the afternoon, giving you plenty of time to enjoy various gaming options throughout the day. The closing time varies but usually falls around 2 am. However, it’s worth noting that operating hours may change depending on the ship’s itinerary and local regulations.

Limited hours for table games

While slot machines are usually available for play throughout the operating hours, table games may have more restricted schedules. The availability of table games, such as blackjack, poker, and roulette, may be limited to certain hours of the day or evening.

This arrangement ensures that players can still enjoy these popular games while providing the necessary breaks to the casino staff. It’s advisable to check the daily cruise activity schedule or consult with the casino staff to confirm the opening hours for your preferred table games.

Cruise Ship Casino Secrets Revealed

Ocean Sportsbook

Sports betting options on cruise ships

For avid sports fans, some cruise lines offer the exciting opportunity to bet on major competitions through their onboard sportsbooks. Celebrity Cruises, for example, features an Ocean Sportsbook, allowing passengers to place wagers on a wide range of sports events.

From football and basketball to horse racing and soccer, you can engage in the thrill of sports betting while cruising the open seas. The Ocean Sportsbook provides an exciting and interactive way to capitalize on your sports knowledge and potentially win some extra cash.

Betting on major competitions through Ocean Sportsbook

The Ocean Sportsbook offers numerous opportunities for you to enjoy the thrilling experience of sports betting during your cruise. From the Super Bowl and the World Series to the World Cup, you can wager on some of the biggest sporting events around the globe.

Whether you prefer traditional sports or niche competitions, the onboard sportsbook allows you to stay engaged and excited about the games while cruising. So grab your lucky cap and get ready to cheer for your favorite teams while placing your bets in the Ocean Sportsbook!

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